VHF Comm Radio – FL760A ON SALE! (While Supplies Last)

We just received word that pricing on the FL760A transceivers is going up as of 8/31/16 or while supplies last.  THIS IS FOR THE NEW/IMPROVED MODEL.  If you order now the price is 645, plus shipping.  After 8/31/16 or when stock runs out, the pricing will be $725 per (Aircraft Spruce already increased their price to $776!). […]

Steve Pedano's Panther

Oshkosh 2016 – 5th Annual Gathering was a Great Success 2 comments

We had our 5th Annual Gathering last night and everyone had a wonderful time.  We had approximately 80 people join us for food and fellowship. As usual, our boys were doing a great job with the keeping people properly hydrated and Luke ran the raffle.  We gave out Panther thirst, hats and coffee mugs.  Afterward […]

Oshkosh 2016 Bound

We have started our 1,300 mile trip from Florida to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for the World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration – EAA Airventure.  Please come see us at Booth N615 in the North Aircraft Display area. Stop by and see our new product offerings and customer built Panthers! Every year we have our Annual Gathering on Wednesday […]

NEW Panther Shirts and Hats are Here – Get Yours Today!

We received our order of NEW Panther T-Shirts and hats just in time for Oshkosh.  Order now and they ship the same day or stop by the Oshkosh AirVenture 2016 Booth N615 and get one there.  The Panther T-shirt has a new layout on the back and the Men’s are available in Grey and Red.  Both […]

Oshkosh AirVenture 2016 5th Annual Gathering

Oshkosh AirVenture 2016 5th Annual Gathering Come join us for our 5th Annual Gathering at one of the largest airshows in the world.  The Event is Wednesday July 27th starting at 6 PM at booth N615.  We will have BBQ and all the sides, and refreshments.  We can all stuff ourselves and then sit back […]

Panther Builder Update – Paul Salter SN022 3 comments

Meet Paul Salter and his Panther N908XP – All Dolled UP! Paul Salter of Jacksonville, FL has gotten his Panther close to completed.  The paint is a custom job done by our local artist Mack Sturdivant of MackAir.com.  (If you are on FaceBook visit Mack’s site HERE)Paul’s airplane is powered by the Corvair 3.0L, just […]



Panther Builder Update – Brian Sowell SN047

Brian Sowell is in Joshua, TX.  He is building a Panther LS and has a Corvair 3.0L for his power plant.  Here is a short note from him, followed by some photos. “Here is old number 47.   I have my 3.0L corvair engine built and installed.  The EFIS is installed as well as the engine […]

Panther Builder Update – Bill Mosher SN046

Bill Mosher from Greer, SC has been diligently working on his Panther.  He is a first time builder and his engine is a Corvair 3.0L.  Bill test ran his engine last fall at the annual Corvair College in Barnwell, SC.  You can see a video of it HERE. Here are two quick photos showing his latest progress. […]



Panther Builder Update – Sean Sullivan SN048 2 comments

Sean Sullivan is based out of Fort Worth, TX.  He is building the Panther LS with the Lycoming O-235 as his power plant. Here is an update from Sean: “The air frame of N485PA is basically complete and everything have been rigged. All of my Lyc o-235 L2C parts were shipped out for overhaul last […]

Panther Builder Progress – Jimmy Miller SN071 2 comments

Here are a few updates from Jimmy Miller in Wilmington, NC.  Jimmy received his kit the first week in March of 2016 and he has made serious strides in his build. You can view his latest post on the Panther Forum HERE. Keep up the great work Jimmy!  You will be in the air in no […]



Panther Builder Progress – Greg Pixley SN035

We were able to stop by Greg (Pix) Pixley’s house this weekend on the gulf coast of Florida.  We dropped off his engine mount and cowling for his Franklin engine and got a chance to look at his fuselage.  His wings, fuel tanks and engine are at his hanger a few miles north west.  This is […]

Brent Mayo’s Panther SN053 Takes to the Skies 1 comment

Brent Mayo, from Fernandina Beach, FL, took his Panther for it’s maiden flight this morning.  Brent has Panther SN053.  His Panther is powered by a Corvair 3.0L with a Sensenich propeller.  He has documented his build using KitLogPro – Click HERE to see more. Here is what Brent had to say about his experience – […]

Brent Mayo's First Flight

Tony Take Off 2

Tony Spicer’s Jabiru Powered Panther Takes to the Skies 7 comments

Tony Spicer took his maiden flight in his Jabiru powered Panther LS today – and all went very well!  Congratulations Tony!  We appreciate you and all of your hard work, determination and patience that went into your build.  Thank you for taking the time to make us all feel like part of your journey with […]

Will Mensink’s Panther LS – All SHINED UP!

We just had to share these photos of Will Mensink’s Panther LS.  He has done a beautiful job!!  Will is located in Preston, MN and has SN014.  His Panther is powered by Titan’s IO-340 with a Whirlwind Ground Adjustable prop – and as of today has over 72 hours on the Hobbs.  The fiberglass and […]

Will Mensink's Cockpit