Aero-News Network Panther Video

See the Aero-News Network’s Jim Campbell interview with Dan at the Sebring Expo 2014. This is an excellent overview of the Panther!!

Great job Dan, Jim, Ashley and the crew @ Aero-News Network!

Aero-News Network Sebring Video

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Sun ‘N Fun 2014 Rocked for SPA!

We had a great time at SNF this year.  The traffic was good through the booth all week.  We had many familiar faces, and got to meet people we hadn’t yet put a face with their name from online chatting, emails and phone calls.  Sun ‘N Fun is a great place to hang out with like minded aviator enthusiasts and the weather was better than anyone could have hoped for.  The kids had a great time too!

A quick photo of Panther Beta Builder Tony Spicer – Jabiru 3300 with Luke at our nightly Margarita Ville unwind session -

Tony Spicer and Luke Weseman SNF 2014

Tony Spicer and Luke Weseman SNF 2014

Here are a few shots of our booth at the end of the row outside of Hangar C – by the flight line.  20140401-162121.jpg 20140407-215855.jpg


Dan talking with Panther Builder Jerry Beckett – SN005

Paul had his impressive 3-D printer setup in the booth as well and it really drew some interest.  Watching the printer run through the process is sometimes just mind boggling.  Kind of like the cell regeneration in the movie “The 5th Element”… You know – the one with Bruce Willis, set in the future and the girl with the orange dread locks drops through the ceiling of his cab?  Anyway….

Pauls Amazing 3-D printer!

Pauls Amazing 3-D printer!

A good friend of ours, Sara Ashmore, had run her Corvair engine at the Corvair College @ Leesburg, FL the weekend before and she was sporting the most awesome achievement face I have seen since the Panther prototype’s first flight!  She had the true “I DID IT!” face on this weekend and the positive vibes coming off of her were just inspirational!  Go Sara!  We are so happy for you!  And her engine happens to be my very favorite color – PURPLE!

Sara Ashmore Corvair Engine!

Sara Ashmore Corvair Engine!

I have this dear friend of mine -Ben Krotje with GRT, Panther Builder SN007 – that gave the ultimate sacrifice to me.  He gave up his seat for a ride with Team AERODYNAMICS for me!  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!  I know you all have great friends – but do any of you have a friend who would do that for you???   HUH???  Well – lemme tell you friends – this is the ultimate, once in a life time gift and I HAD A BLAST!   THANK YOU BEN AND TEAM AERODYNAMICS!

Rachel and "RB"

Rachel and “RB”

Beautiful morning for some tumbling in the RV-Formation

Beautiful morning for some tumbling in the RV-Formation

From the Cockpit of "RB"s RV-8

From the Cockpit of “RB”s RV-8

We hosted our annual cookout Friday night and had about 60 people join us!  For those who couldn’t make it to our “Dinner and a Movie” you can click the video below to see a compilation of Panther videos I put together for the event.  This is mostly things you have probably seen before, but maybe some you have forgotten.  Enjoy!

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Panther Builder Phil Maxson on How to Eat an Elephant

Panther production SN1 Mr Phil Maxson explains how the true “get ‘r done” r’s in us all – me included – feels about building.

We have all been there – in the rat race of how to do all that needs to be done and how to squeeze in what we want to get done on the side of the plate. The answer lies in the “one bite at a time” advice.

Hats off to you Phil – for so simply putting it into words how we builders truly get through the day.

Carpe diem you all! Even if for one hour a day.

Phil Maxson’s Panther Build


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100 hours in 1 year!

Dan’s out ripping the Panther around the pattern this evening after being down for two months. We have been turning the original cowling into a mold and pulling a production part off the mold. Production cowling is back on and looks amazing! The paint shop didn’t have to do any body work. The new cowl and all SPA fiberglass moving forward will be vacuum bagged epoxy. The instruments also indicate we have flown over 100 hours! We didn’t even realize it! 107 hours to be exact. Sun N Fun here we come!







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Quick Fuselage Update and SNF Reminder


The fuselage is back from the powder coat shop and it looks really good.  This fuselage is for beta builder Bob Woolley who is building the Panther Sport version with the Lycoming 0-320.  You can see the engine mount below as well.  If you are coming to SNF come by the booth N-032 and you can see it!

Don’t forget – Friday night is dinner and a movie night with SPA.  Join us and bring your friends and family!

Click here to see the SNF map to where Team Panther will be.  The “Dinner and a Movie” will be in the campground, so come by our booth info on where to go for the cookout.

Panther Fuselage

Panther Fuselage3 Panther Fuselage4 Panther Fuselage5

Here you can see the Lycoming Dynafocal engine mount for the Panther.  Lycoming Dyna Mount Lycoming Dyna Mount2

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Cages, Mounts and Cowlings

This update is long overdue – but well worth the wait. Our welding, machine and fiberglass shops have been running non-stop and so much progress has been made!

They are DONE! The fuselage fixtures AND the Lycoming dynafocal mount. Beta builder Bob Woolley’s fuselage cage is shown in these photos – and goes to powercoat Monday.

Photos of the fuse cage:

PantherFuselage (5) PantherFuselage (6) PantherFuselage (8) PantherFuselage (9)

The tail cone is 98% matched tool now. You can take it out of the box, cleco the whole structure together and drill the longerons. Debur, updrill, rivet and you are ready to bolt to the powder-coated steel tube fuselage. Just think – in a weekend of light work you can sit in your fuselage and make airplane noises!

Photos of the tail cone:

PantherFuselage (2) PantherFuselage (3) PantherFuselage (4) PantherFuselage (10) PantherFuselage (1)

Photos of the Lycoming dynafocal mount:

LycomingMount (3) LycomingMount (6) LycomingMount (1) LycomingMount (2)

We have 15 fuselage tube kits that will start production welding next week. The tail cone parts are being run by the machine shop now.

The Panther Corvair cowling is back from the fiberglass shop and it turned out better than we could have hoped for! The prototype cowling was good, but it was a prototype nonetheless. It was heavy, bulky, the inlet holes were asymmetrical and the split line was not straight. Plus the proto type cowling was vinyl ester. The production cowling is straight, symmetrical, light and strong because it is vacuum bagged epoxy.

PantherCorvairCowl (4) PantherCorvairCowl (5) PantherCorvairCowl (3)

The fit on the cowling is as close to perfect as we could have hoped and the installation is scheduled for this week. The Panther has been grounded for just over three weeks – time to get back in the air!

Don’t forget – SNF starts April 1st – come see us! And join us for Dinner and a Movie on Friday the 4th. Our booth is N-032.

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SNF Dinner and a Movie – Friday April 4th

It’s coming up on that time again!  Every year we look forward to Sun ‘Nexhibitgraphic_14N032 Fun and this year is looking like it might be our best yet.  We moved our booth just a bit to give us a little more room and get us closer to the flight line.  We are in booth N-032 which is outside of Hangar C on the end of the row.

We will also be having our Annual SNF Cookout, so please join us and bring your friends!  We will have all you can eat (until it’s all gone, of course) hot dogs and hamburgers with all the sides and an array of beverages.  After dinner we will show Panther videos AND the film by Lex Sadasivan and Lisa Weseman called SOLO.  You truly won’t want to miss this short film written by Dan’s sister Lisa and directed and produced by Lisa and her husband Lex.  It is about a close knit aviation family, filmed at our home airpark and Dan is one of the pilots.   A must see!

This is a “More the Merrier – No Frills” event, so come – eat and relax with your fellow Panther, Corvair and/or Cleanex homebuilders and their friends and families.  Cost is $10 per person (kids are free).  Bring a chair and your appetite, and prepare to be entertained!

So we can figure out how much food we need tell us if you can make it and how many friends you can drag along with you.

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