Sebring 2014 Was Awesome! See Photos..

This was the first year we attended the Sebring Sport Expo in Sebring FL.  What a great show!  The vendor support, show layout and attendance was excellent, and this will certainly be a show we put on the “must attend list” from now on.  Even though the weather was cool for FL we had steady all day traffic in our booth.  The most attractive feature of this show was the ability to push the Panther from the booth to the flight line within 40 feet and give demos.  With a single seat airplane, and a single flying aircraft, it is difficult to show off the flying capabilities at most shows – but not at Sebring!

We came across a teaser photo from KITPLANES about the flight review of the Panther due to release on Feb 14th!  What a great Valentines Day gift!  Editor in Chief of KITPLANES Paul Dye flew the Panther as a flight review article for his magazine back in August of 2013 – just after Oshkosh.  We were thrilled that a seasoned pilot like Paul was interested in seeing how the Panther takes to the skies and are very excited to see what he has to say.  Not to mention we are honored to have our beautiful Panther on the cover of one of the most authoritative magazines in the experimental industry.  See here for our post from Paul’s flight.

If you are not yet subscribed to KITPLANES you need to do so NOW!  You gain instant online access.  Click HERE.


Cover Girl!

Here are some photos and a video of Dan’s LSA Aerobatic Demo from the Sebring show.

And check out our new PHOTO PAGE HERE.


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3 Responses to Sebring 2014 Was Awesome! See Photos..

  1. Harold Bickford says:

    Mix exposure, publicity, demos and conversation and you will be busy in the airplane business. I think that is a very good outcome for what started as an idea and configuration drawing a couple of years ago.

  2. Dan Branstrom says:

    I got my digital edition yesterday. The one thing that I didn’t feel he emphasized enough was the folding wings. I also thought that you had a 120 hp Corvair in it.

  3. Roy Harvey says:

    love it

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